Engineering Thermoplastics
Aricon™ Polyester resins - All polyester base resins
Duratuf™ Acetal resins - Both copolymer & homopolymer
Knorstan™ Modified PPE resins / alloys - PPE / PS, PPE / PA and other PPE alloys
Nycal™ Polyamide (nylon) resins - All PA base resins
Visiloy™ Polycarbonate alloys - PC / Polyester, PC/ASA and other PC alloys
Visituf™ Polycarbonate resins - Broad melt flow range
Special Performance Engineering Thermoplastics
Constat™ Conductive / Anti-static resins - Broad range of dissipation / shielding properties
Silque™ Low friction / wear resins - Broad range of friction / wear properties
Thermaflo™ Thermally conductive resins - Enhanced heat transfer properties
Thermec™ High temperature resins - Most high temperature base resins
High Specific Gravity Compounds
Ecomass® High specific gravity resins - Up to 11.0 sg, formulated for the application
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Elastane™ TPU and TPU alloys - All Polyurethane base resins
Elastemp™ TPE and TPE alloys - Higher temperature performance
Elastex Gel™ TPE resins - Durometers below 20 Shore A
Elastex Grip™ TPE and TPE alloys - Over-molding adhesion to most resin families
Elastex™ TPE resins - Styrenic Block Copolymers and other TPE resins
Vulton™ TPV resins - TPV resins with enhanced elasticity
Specialty / Custom Compounds & Concentrates
Crystim™ Impact Modifier Concentrates - For Random Clarified Polypropylene
Custom Compounds & Concentrates - Developed for specific application requirements